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It's July. Any it's hot outside. In some parts of the country, you can cook an egg on the pavement...What's happening in your relationship? Are you asking for what you want? So many of my clients and friends express to me that there's this little desire they have... but resistance so often tangos away with the request, that they learn to say no to their own wants before they even open their mouths!

So here's the challenge this month:
Write down a list of your wants, your cravings, your needs, your inner callings. Maybe it's an iced tea, but for most of us, the ones that are harder to even admit to ourselves include a soft gentle kiss, a massage from our partner, a date night (without the kids), or maybe even passionate connected sex! So jot them down and don't tuck the list away in a drawer... tape it to the mirror and exercise your asking muscle. July might turn out to be hotter than you imagined. Don't let San Francisco fog roll over your inner heat. Let it out. Ask for what you want. A "YES" is right around the corner....
4/10/2012 11:49:19

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