Life Source Coaching

Confidence as a mother, partner/wife, sister, daughter and self

"When I first met Sasha just over a year ago, I  knew she was someone special.  She is wise beyond her years and has a such passion and zest for her interests and life in general, it is contagious.  When I discovered she was offering coaching services, I knew I had to take advantage.  Through our three months (not long enough, but hopefully we'll get to do it again) of coaching, she helped me to find my confidence as a mother, partner/wife, sister, daughter and self.  My challenges would seem so big until I talked to Sasha about them and suddenly they became tiny little parcels which I could analyze and deal with easily.  She truly has a gift of hearing and helping people.  Her exercises were not only useful in helping me understand my true feelings and hear my own voice, but they were also a way for me to make time for myself.  That in and of itself was monumental for me.  Even now, if I'm feeling frustrated or challenged by something going on in my life, Sasha is the first person I think of.  What would Sasha do?  WWSD.  It's my new mantra.  :)"
                                                                                                                                  San Jose, CA

Secret wants and desires

"In coaching with Sasha I was able to open up from the first session. She made me feel comfortable and protected, so I was able to express my feelings, secret wants and desires and set scary goals for myself. Reporting back to someone on things I’d done or achieved really turned me on, and being able to have someone stand up for my desire helped me get over the embarrassment and shyness of it. I’ve gained a better understanding of myself because of coaching and I’ve come a long way towards knowing, specifically, what I want out of life. I’d say I'm on the right track, which feels incredible and I’m so grateful."
                                                                                                                                 Melbourne, Australia

Higher acceptance for myself

"Informative, Insightful, and Witty, Sasha made me feel comfortable and helped me connect on a deeper level with my self, my partner and desires for my life. I noticed a significant shift in my ability to be with myself and the shifiting cycles of relationship, sex, and intimacy. Throughout our work together I gained a higher level of acceptance for my self - where I am at, in this moment - and setting aside self criticism.

Thank you, Sasha! You are lovley!"
                                                                                                                                   Denver, CO