Life Source Coaching

Sasha Hood Certified Slow Sex Coach through the SSCA

   Sasha Hood is a Slow Sex coach and teacher at OneTaste in San Francisco. She enjoys mentoring and teaching women as they discover their turned-on selves. Sasha likes coaching individuals and couples on ways to relate and guiding them toward the lives they want. She believes that the key to connection in relationships is learning to know the self on a deep level.

  Sasha is also an Apprentice Midwife. Since 2006, she has worked to educate and support mamas in both South Africa and the US. She has a special interest in coaching and supporting mothers discovering their emerging new selves, and the constant changes within their relationships with their partners. Sasha helps her clients who are new parents prepare for and process their birth experience. Parents who maintain a strong intimate connection with each other both experience more joy in parenting, greater connection to their children, and a solid foundation of relationship. Sasha uses the ethos of Slow Sex to help women to have more of what they want and feel more connection and intimacy with their partners and families.

Sasha is also an instructor of Orgasmic Meditation and offers private coaching for couples looking to ignite their practice, deepen their intimacy, and communication.