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It's  a fact that Valentines day can be an overuse of commercialism and reason to spend too much money on roses that wilt and chocolates that disappear. As a woman I find myself longing for the soppy nostalgia, but it's not the roses that I miss, it's the gesture, and for me it's tradition. Every year my family and I repeated our same silly traditions because we love the way it makes us feel. Connectedness. Isn't that what it means to be human?

I'm in relationship with a man who admittedly kills romance with sarcasm. He hates commercial holidays too. And here I am: relationship and sexuality coach, without Valentine's Day? I think not! "Let's create our own valentine's day," I suggested to Sean while snuggling in bed on February 14th.

So we did. We settled on a James Cameron Movie Marathon. An incredible director who brings together  larger than life stories with action, adventure and beautiful film making with yup you guessed it, compelling tales of LOVE. So we ordered our favorite artichoke pizza, and settled in for Avatar and Titanic. Followed by that's right, an Orgasmic encore.

In my world havingness is about asking for what you want and learning how to make it work for both of us. Now we have a beautiful tradition that is ours. As a woman I am satisfied with what is important to be connection and a celebration of our love.

What kind of tradition will you create?
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